Home AC Tuneup

Get a Home A/C Tuneup Before Summer Starts

A home A/C tuneup helps you get the most out of your cooling system. Your home should be a retreat, where you can get relief from the stifling summer heat. With temperatures rising, it’s time to proactively care for your A/C and avoid easily preventable problems this summer season

Help Your System Run Efficiently All Summer

One of the top benefits of a home A/C tuneup is improved efficiency.

When the unit’s coils are cleaned, air filter is replaced and all fluid levels topped off, your air conditioning is ready to face the extreme temperatures of the Utah summer. You will pay less in energy bills because your A/C won’t have to work hard to achieve subpar results. Your home will stay cooler with less effort on the part of your system.

Avoid More Expensive Repairs

A home A/C tuneup is an expense, but it’s not expensive — not when you compare it to the cost of replacing major components or the entire system!

A home A/C tuneup involves a wiring check, ductwork inspection and the lubrication of all mechanical moving parts. Qualified technicians can make all the small repairs necessary to keep the system running at full power, and you’ll avoid small issues that can turn into major problems.

Save cash for a summer vacation by investing in maintenance.

Maintain Warranty Protection

Many home A/C units come with warranties, but those warranties are only good if you follow the requirements. Most warranties require homeowners to regularly maintain their cooling system. If you never make repairs and never schedule tuneups, you are much less likely to have any protection to fall back on if a serious problem arises.

Enjoy Better Air Quality

Think about it — your cooling system controls the air quality in your home all summer long! What are you breathing in?

If you don’t maintain your system, dust particles and mold spores could be making their way into your interior air ducts. Cleaning out the cooling system resolves bad odors and improves overall air quality. This is especially important if you have household members with asthma and respiratory issues.

Make Your Unit Last

The home A/C units that last the longest are the ones that are maintained the best. Regular inspections and cleanings help you get the most out of your investment.

Get Peace of Mind

When you have a professional technician check your unit before the summer heat kicks into high gear, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done all you can to prevent a breakdown. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your A/C is up to the task of keeping you cool and comfortable all summer. Schedule your home A/C tuneup with Roberts Mechanical today.