Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioner Repairs

’Tis the season for A/C problems, and therefore, air conditioning repairs. Your air conditioner has been doing a bang-up job in this summer’s incredible heat so far, but such a workhorse is bound to have a stumble or two. The older your HVAC system is, or the more budget-friendly it is, the likelier it will be to have issues. However, when a reputable HVAC contractor catches and addresses it early, many repairs are fast, minor and affordable.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (and many quality HVAC inspectors), a few problems pop up time and time again, but the most common is owner misuse. No air conditioner can cool your back yard, and still many people complain when their house isn’t cool — yet their windows and doors are open. Air conditioners, especially box units, need to be in an isolated room or suite of rooms that you specifically want to cool.

Here are a few more common issues that the August heat may exacerbate:

1. Bad installation:

If your HVAC system wasn’t installed properly from the start, you’re not going to have much luck with it. How do you know if the installation went well? By getting routine inspections. It doesn’t matter if you bought the house with an existing HVAC system or just had a new system installed a few months ago. Double-check that all is well.

2. Lack of service:

HVAC systems need to be serviced and inspected at least once per year, and ideally twice. However, if you skimp on those service calls or they’re not performed by a professional, trouble can brew.

3. Poor maintenance:

Inspections are often twofold. The first part is simply making sure you choose a reliable HVAC inspector. The second is following up on any maintenance recommended.

4. Refrigerant issues:

By far, one of the most common A/C problems comes from improper refrigerant charging. These issues can be tricky to find, difficult to repair and lead to major problems down the road if they’re not addressed immediately. Refrigerant is also a dangerous substance, and only a pro should handle it.

5. Electrical control issues:

The fan controls and compressor on an A/C are often the quickest to wear out. It happens faster if the system is too big for a home or room. Wires get corroded, contacts wear out and all of this can add up to lack of cool air and a miserable summer.

From sensor concerns to drainage problems, HVAC systems have a lot of key parts. Make sure yours is taken care of with superior air conditioning repairs by calling Roberts Mechanical today.