heating contractor Orem UtahIt’s below freezing and your Orem home’s heating system just decided to quit. You can’t get warm, never mind use your hot water, do your laundry or cook. This qualifies as an emergency, especially if you have small children or elderly relatives living in your home. What should you do?

This type of scenario is one in which Roberts Mechanical excels. Your heating contractor arrives on the scene and quickly diagnose the issue. After we brief you on the facts and provide a free estimate, we get started making the necessary repairs. We’ll have your home’s heating system up and running again in no time.

Of course, you may need to rely on our expertise even if your heating system still is running. Your thermostat could be broken, your boiler could be acting up, or your heat pump could be making unusual noises. Whatever type of system you have and whatever issues arise, Roberts Mechanical provides fast, affordable solutions in and around the Orem, Utah, area for your heating system.

Get Your Heating System Serviced Today

Orem Heating ContractorMaintenance is central to the longevity of your heating system. Think about it ― when was the last time your heating unit had a scheduled tuneup? If you can’t remember, you are taking a risk if you let another day or week pass with your unit forced to work harder than necessary through the winter.

All heating systems should be serviced at least once a year by a professional heating contractor, preferably in the fall before the temperatures drop. But you can call any time of year to schedule a furnace tuneup ― we recommend it.

Heating Repair: Identify Signs of Trouble

Are you noticing that your heating system never seems to shut off? Maybe it runs around the clock, trying to maintain the set temperature. This could be a sign it’s failing. You also might smell a strange odor when the system turns on.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t notice a difference in your heating system’s function at all, but you do notice a significant jump in your energy bills. The unit’s efficiency could be heading downhill, resulting in a major increase in operating costs.

Orem’s Go-To Team for Efficient, Fast Heating Repairs

Whether you need maintenance or repair for your heating system, the heating contractors at Roberts Mechanical can provide both routine and emergency service on the double. We know firsthand how cold Utah’s winters can get ― after all, we’ve been living and working in the Orem, Utah, region for almost three decades.

Trust our trained specialists to get to the root of the issue, no matter what type of heat you use, and you’ll be impressed with our swift response and superior customer service.