Optimize Your Air Conditioner’s Performance

Optimized Air Conditioner

It’s still winter, but don’t forget about your air conditioner entirely.

The way to ensure your air conditioner is properly primed for cooling season is by having routine maintenance done. If you haven’t had your system inspected since last summer, schedule that appointment pronto.

Small repairs or replacement parts can make a huge difference in your air conditioner’s efficiency and your monthly bill. However, you can optimize your A/C’s power in other ways, too.


Take a look at the filters and see if they need to be replaced. Regularly replaced filters are key to easing stress on your air conditioner. The more clogged the filter becomes, the less powerful the air flow. Plus, a clogged filter doesn’t clean interior air. This can be especially troublesome for anyone with allergies or asthma.

In some cases, an A/C might have a reusable filter, so be sure to wash it regularly.

Clean and Easy

Regularly cleaning the outside condenser is also critical. This is where excess heat gets transferred. If dirt, leaves, plants or anything else is obstructing this area, you’re going to have problems.

A simple wipe down is all that’s required, and perhaps some pruning and trimming if the condenser is near plants or shrubbery. Just like the indoor air vents, you want to keep a wide berth around this component.

Air gets sent back to the system through the A/C return vents, and these can also be a problem area. If you notice dust or dirt on the vents, it’s almost guaranteed to be in the ducts too, and ultimately in the filters. It’s important to dust the vents regularly, but also dig a little deeper and clean out the ducts as best you can.

A Creative Approach

Not all houses were impeccably designed, and sometimes vents are poorly located. That’s unfortunate, but the best you can do is rearrange furniture — unless you want to deal with a big renovation project.

Maximize airflow, keep vents clear and move furniture that’s blocking returns, registers and vents. This may call for some creativity, but something as simple as moving a couch a few feet can make a huge difference.

Finally, you might want to consider replacing your air conditioner this coming summer. Maybe you want to upgrade to central air, or maybe you’ve realized you only really need to cool one or two rooms and a powerful, energy-efficient window unit is ideal for your home.

Talk with an HVAC technician to decide the best cooling strategy for you for next summer. Call Roberts Mechanical today for all your air conditioning repair, upgrade and replacement needs.