air conditioner blowing hot

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Is No Joke

April 1 might be a day for jokes, but an air conditioner blowing hot air is no laughing matter, especially as the weather starts to warm up in Utah.

Not warm enough yet to be using your air conditioner? April is also prime time to get it checked and maintained before the summer heat arrives. You don’t want to find out it’s blowing hot air when you’re already overheated!

An air conditioner blowing warm air can be caused by numerous issues, but there are three common perpetrators professionals check first.

The most common problem isn’t really a problem at all. Is your thermostat set to “heat”? The air conditioner might be working fine, but if you forgot to turn your thermostat or fan off, you won’t get cool air. If your thermostat is set to “fan on,” the fan blows constantly, which optimizes air quality, but also circulates warm air.

Kind of like making sure an appliance is plugged in, checking your thermostat is a common oversight. When you call to schedule A/C repair, you’ll often be asked to check your thermostat before they’ll schedule an appointment. Always set your thermostat to “cool,” and choose the “auto” setting.

Clog Causes

Air conditioners have two primary pieces, one inside the home and one outside. They work in tandem to get heat out of your house. This requires a clear airway within the condenser coil, which is in the outside part of the A/C unit.

If that coil gets clogged with leaves, soil or anything else, it can prevent your air conditioner from properly cooling your home. Try sweeping any obvious debris away from your unit, and keep your landscape nearby neatly trimmed.

Another common problem is losing power to the outside unit. It’s possible that the inside unit maintains power while the outside one goes without. Power can be lost at the circuit breaker, or the emergency shutoff switch might have been tripped. Check the breaker first, then the off switch, which is usually on the outside wall of the home close to the unit.

Working Up a Sweat

While these three problems are the most common causes of warm air coming out of your A/C, they aren’t the only possibility. If your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak, is low on Freon, has an evaporator coil that’s damaged or dirty, or if a return duct is damaged, you might be getting blasted with warm air. However, these are issues that only a professional should tackle.

Always check your air conditioning functionality in the spring to make sure your unit is safe and in top working condition to keep you comfortable in the summer. An air conditioner that’s blowing hot or is otherwise not at peak performance can lead to high energy bills at best and a fire hazard at worst.

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