4 Common Problems that Can Affect Your AC

Air Conditioner

Problems with your air conditioner can lead to expensive service calls or even replacement of your entire unit. Even if your air conditioner is working, that doesn’t mean it is working to the best of its ability. An HVAC system that isn’t maintained and optimized is more prone to burning out and is likely wasting money and energy. Spring is the perfect time to get your entire HVAC system inspected, particularly since many people are gearing up to rely heavily on the air conditioning aspect of the system. You should know a few things about your AC system, including what makes it freeze up or not work as well as it could.

1. A dirty filter

The job of a filter is just what it sounds like: It filters out dust, debris and other matter within the system. Filters should be changed at least every six months, and perhaps more often depending on where you live and the degree of usage. Filters are affordable, and one of the few components of an AC system that homeowners may choose to swap out themselves. However, if you abide by a biannual (spring and autumn) maintenance appointment, this is also something a professional can do for you.

2. Poor wiring

Wiring that is old, worn out or damaged doesn’t just make a system struggle; it is also a potential fire hazard. This is an issue that can be caught in an inspection, but homeowners should consider whether it is might be better to just have their old system replaced. Older systems are naturally less efficient, less green and require more energy. Updating your AC system can mean lower utility bills and an ultimately safer cooling approach.

3. Low refrigerant levels

If an AC system doesn’t have the proper level of refrigerant, either due to a leak or poor maintenance, it cannot do its job. This isn’t something that needs to be constantly monitored and maintained, but remember that tiny leaks can cause big problems, especially with refrigerants, which can be toxic. If you suspect a refrigerant problem, ask a qualified professional to check the levels and to look for any pinhole leaks.

4. Dirty coils

Debris can gather accumulate anywhere in the system, and the coils are a popular spot. AC coils that are impaired can lead to an ill-functioning system and, over time, may permanently damage other parts of the system.

Unfortunately, many homeowners may not realize their AC isn’t performing at its most efficient level. Performance can wane over time and you may get used to utility bills that keep slightly creeping up. However, with regular inspections from a reputable HVAC professional, you can stay on top of maintenance for your AC. Call Roberts Mechanical of Orem, Utah, for a thorough inspection of your AC system that will identify any potential problems.