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Types and Details Associated With HVAC Warranties

For many of the high-value items we purchase and use in our daily lives, warranties will be part of the purchase agreement. This is the case for numerous product areas, and is an important factor when purchasing certain pieces of HVAC equipment.

At Roberts Mechanical, we’re happy to help you understand any and all warranties offered for our heating or air conditioning installation services. There are actually a few different types to help protect you from potential issues with items like your furnace, air conditioner, water heater and others – let’s look at each of these warranty types, plus some important details you should be sure to confirm anytime you’re purchasing these components.

Types of HVAC Warranties

Here are at least four kinds of warranties you may be offered from a few different sources when purchasing HVAC equipment. They are as follows:

  • Manufacturer guarantee: In reality this is less of a specific warranty, though it can function that way practically. This is simply a promise made by the manufacturer of a given piece of equipment that it was made properly and should function well – many such guarantees are simply implied rather than actually written. If defective materials are installed, however, you should be able to get replacements free of charge.
  • Manufacturer warranty: Separate from a manufacturer guarantee is a manufacturer warranty, which covers specific parts or products over a given period of time. If an AC condenser that’s covered by this warranty fails within the allowed time period, for instance, it will be replaced for no charge.
  • Labor warranty: Some HVAC companies offer labor warranties. These ensure that in a situation where the installation of a given product was performed incorrectly, causing defective issues, proper installation can be done instead without a charge to you.
  • Extended warranty: Possibly available from both a manufacturer or installer, extended warranties are generally those that come with extra costs and cover additional areas above and beyond other warranties.

Confirming Important Warranty Details

No two warranties are exactly the same, and they will vary pretty widely between both manufacturers and HVAC installers. When purchasing any HVAC materials, be sure to consider all of the following areas to be sure you’re getting the warranty you need:

  • Transfer: If you sell your home during the warranty period for a given HVAC component, will the warranty transfer to the new owner? This could play a big role in property value.
  • “Lifetime” warranties: When you see this term, you have to clarify how long “lifetime” is actually referring to here. Is it your lifetime? The part’s lifetime? The home’s lifetime? Ask for specifics and ensure they are followed.
  • Invalidation: Find out if there are any practices that will cause your warranty to be voided or invalidated in any way. These usually refer to attempting HVAC repairs you are not licensed for, but may include other areas as well.
  • Process: Make sure you understand how to access your warranty in case of something going wrong that’s covered by it.
  • For more on HVAC warranties, or to learn about any of our heating or air services, speak to the staff at Roberts Mechanical today.