smart thermostats

A Smart Thermostat Upgrades Home Efficiency

What’s all the buzz about smart thermostats? It seems like every television commercial and neighbor is talking about theirs. But you may be wondering if it’s worth it. Can you really boost your home’s efficiency enough to recoup the cost and then some? You bet!

You’d be trusting the word of one of the top manufacturers of these products, but if Nest’s in-depth study is any indication, you can save 10-12 percent on heating every year and 15 percent on cooling. The bigger the home and the more extreme the climate, the more this adds up!

It Learns from Your Behavior

The first way a smart thermostat adds to your home’s efficiency is by observing. It knows when you go to sleep and it knows when you leave for the day, and it alters its settings based on your patterns of behavior. It lives up to its name — it’s smart!

It Adjusts Accordingly

Let’s say you’re cooking a turkey on Thanksgiving and the house is heating up fast. Your thermostat isn’t going to keep the heat cranking — it adjusts to account for the change in temperature.

It’s not just routines that the device caters to. It adjusts in real time as well.

You Can Take it With You

If you’re worried you’ll move before you can fully recoup the cost and reap the benefits, don’t. You can take it with you! It’s relatively simple to detach and reinstall at your next home.

Another Plus: Comfort and Convenience

If you are already a thermostat micromanager, you can retire now. Your smart device is ready to take over. Many users report feeling more comfortable in their homes, and they also enjoy the convenience of not having to remember to manually adjust their thermostat to make this happen.

Challenges You May Face

In some cases, an outdated thermostat is also a sign of an outdated HVAC system. It doesn’t matter if you install a smart thermostat if your heating and cooling ducts aren’t optimized for efficient airflow and ventilation.

If you find that a smart device isn’t having the effect you expected, it might be worthwhile to have us take a look at your heating and cooling system to see if there are any ductwork issues we could resolve to further your savings.

Another challenge you may find is correctly matching a smart device to your system. For some heating and cooling systems such as electric baseboard heat, it can be difficult to find a device that’s compatible. Contact Roberts Mechanical for help and we can choose the right solution to deliver the efficiency upgrade you are aiming for.

Roberts Mechanical has your comfort and convenience — but also your cost savings — on our mind. Using a smart thermostat and a comprehensive, preventive approach to handling home heating and cooling, we are the right team to call when you want a modern, smart solution.