Biggest Heating and Cooling Challenges in Utah

Heating and Cooling Challenges

Any region with distinct seasons has unique heating and cooling challenges, and Utah is no exception. Utahans may adore the ability to Jet Ski in the summer, snowboard in the winter and take full advantage of those four distinct seasons, but this perk doesn’t come without challenges. You’re asking your home to keep you safe and comfortable year-round, through fierce winter storms and intense summer heatwaves. Many aspects of a home impact your heating, cooling and comfort, starting with your HVAC system. However, keep in mind that no HVAC system is a miracle worker. You still need proper insulation, maintenance and to follow best practices, too.

One of the biggest heating and cooling challenges is simply ensuring your HVAC system and appliances are up to snuff, and the best way to do this is with annual or biannual maintenance. Your HVAC system and appliances are all workhorses, some charged with working literally around the clock. During the hottest summer days, you probably keep your air conditioner up and running 24/7. However, it if hasn’t been maintained or inspected in a few years, underlying issues may be lurking — even if it’s something as simple as a necessary filter change.

Keeping Cool

In the spring and summer, Utahns need to keep their cool, especially in drier desert regions. This means air conditioning, proper window dressings and taking advantage of cross-breezes when possible. It can also mean higher utility bills. After getting your air conditioner inspected, consider sources for heat loss. Particularly in older homes, cool air can escape through ill-insulated windows, doors and attics. Blocking air conditioning vents with drapes or furniture can have your system needlessly working overtime in a feeble attempt to cool a spacious room without ever succeeding.

Of course, Utahns should also practice common sense. Wearing fewer or lighter clothes indoors, opening windows when the breeze is cool and honing their cold dinner-making skills instead of heating the place up with the oven can keep you comfortable while also keeping utility bills low.

Heating Up

It can be just as challenging to stay warm in the autumn and winter if you’re keeping an eye on utility bills. Get your furnace or boiler checked during the back-to-school season. Again, insulation is key for keeping the temperature the way you want it. For those with wood-burning fireplaces, this is a great way to give your other heating sources a break while enjoying the ambiance only a fire can provide. Finally, spicier foods and hot fare can keep you cozy from the inside out.

You deserve to be comfortable, especially in your own home. It starts with regulating the temperature in your house. Call Roberts Mechanical today for your HVAC inspection, and for all of your heating and cooling needs year-round.