Why Everyone Wants a Boiler

BoilerIt’s the boiler’s time to shine after years of furnaces getting all the attention in the United States. The country is finally catching on to what other regions have known for decades: Boilers can provide a different kind of heat that many consider better.

A boiler heats a home much differently than a furnace. It offers radiant heat, which comes up from (usually) the floors, thanks to piping installed beneath the boards. Radiant heat isn’t as dry as forced air from a furnace, keeps bare feet warm in the winter and allows heat to stay closer to the ground (where you can actually enjoy it!) instead of blowing it up to the ceiling.

The most common radiant heat uses PEX tubing, which is then covered with concrete. In some cases, people in really frigid regions even put radiant heating tubes in their driveway and — voila! — they never have to shovel snow again. However, where the heat comes from is just one of the many perks of having a boiler.

Putting the Comfy in “Warm and Comfy”

Most people agree that boiler heat is more comfortable than what a furnace can provide. Boiler heat is even, particularly if you go with radiant floor heating. It might seem like baseboard heating from a furnace provides the same level of comfort, but it doesn’t. With baseboard heating, you still have forced air that turns off and on — which ultimately blows dust and allergens around the home.

Anyone diagnosed with asthma or allergies can find great relief with a boiler. Even better, boilers are completely silent. Furnaces can get pretty quiet if you seek out one with variable speed blowers, but they’ll still make noise. If someone in the home is a light sleeper, a boiler can help you get the rest you deserve. However, some people are so used to the noise of a furnace that they don’t even realize it’s bothering them until they experience life with a boiler.

Clean and in the Zone

Compared to furnaces, boilers are much cleaner. Not only do they minimize dust and allergens, but you also don’t need to hire an expert to clean the air ducts — there are none! Kids can’t hide things in them and mold and mildew can’t fester in them, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Finally, only boilers make it easy to control heating by zone. That’s a rarity in the furnace world.

Why doesn’t everyone have a boiler? It’s pretty simple: They cost more upfront, and it’s easy to settle for a furnace when you’re already spending a lot on a new home or a flip. However, boilers are so efficient that they pay for themselves over the years, and there’s no real price tag on comfort. Whether you’re thinking about a boiler or furnace, give Roberts Mechanical a call for all your installation needs.