HVAC odors

What’s Causing HVAC Odors?

HVAC odors could be a sign of a serious problem. While some smells are simply an annoyance, other HVAC odors could indicate a dangerous problem that’s potentially hazardous to your health.

Instead of using air freshener to cover it up, get to the bottom of it with the help of your local HVAC specialist.

Musty? It’s Probably Mold.

A constant musty smell is one of the less serious HVAC odors, but it still indicates a need for a deep-cleaning of your ductwork.

Your HVAC works at dehumidifying the air, so it’s no wonder that moisture buildup can lead to mold growth in the vents, in the system’s filter and throughout the home’s ductwork. First, try replacing the filter. If the smell doesn’t go away, call an HVAC specialist and schedule a duct cleaning.

Rotten Egg Smell? It’s Likely a Dead Animal.

Sometimes rodents or birds take shelter in air ducts during the cold winter months. If they die in there, it can cause a rotting smell that makes breathing unbearable. Have an exterminator remove the dead animal as soon as possible and the smell should dissipate.

Exhaust? It’s a Motor Problem.

Air conditioning systems run on electricity, not gas or oil, so a pervasive smell of exhaust is cause for concern. It’s a sign that the motor inside the unit is probably broken and leaking. You need service from a licensed professional right away.

Dirty Socks? Bacterial Buildup.

Are HVAC odors making your living room smell like a gym locker? The smell of dirty socks is a common complaint.

While this odor can also originate from mold growth, it’s likely that bacteria is contributing to the problem. Have a technician clean your unit thoroughly, especially the evaporator coils, where condensation contributes to mold and bacteria buildup.

Burning Smell? It’s an Electrical Issue.

If you smell an acrid burning odor, like your HVAC unit is overheating, call a professional right after you turn off the system. If you’re turning on your system for the first time in a while, it could be the smell of dust burning off the components.

If it comes out of nowhere, it could be a wiring issue or a problem with the motor. Diagnosing the problem without proper training could result in electrical shock, so leave this challenge to your trusted local HVAC specialist.

Roberts Mechanical is here for you when HVAC odors plague your home. We will diagnose and repair the problem quickly, so you and your family don’t have to keep holding your noses. Call us today for fast, affordable service!