Need Furnace Repair?

Furnace Repair

Get your furnace repairs taken care of before the cold weather hits. An HVAC system is a complex machine, and a lot of small issues can pop up — but they won’t stay small for long if they aren’t addressed by a professional. By far, the most common furnace problems come from sheer lack of maintenance. Routine checks are the best way to keep your furnace, boiler or air conditioner running as smoothly as possible.

Next up? Dirty filters. If an air filter is clogged, then your furnace has to work harder, wasting energy and money. In really bad scenarios, a clogged air filter can reduce the switch’s ability to function, so your fan is unable to move. Plus, dirty air filters can lead to dirty air, which is a big problem for anyone with allergies or asthma. Without upkeep, this can lead to issues with airflow, an inability to control heat and even overheating or fire hazards.

Taking Care of Business

One of the most common repairs necessary is for pilot control or electrical ignition. When the ignition or pilot light is acting up, it can be impossible to heat a space. This can be caused by many problems, including clogs within the system, but is often an easy fix when it’s in the hands of a professional. You may also struggle with a thermostat that doesn’t work correctly, which can lead to fan issues and an uncomfortable home.

However, what if your furnace isn’t heating up at all? Myriad repairs may be needed, from the thermostat to the power, pilot or gas components. Don’t assume that a dead heater is beyond repair. The fix might be easier, faster and more affordable than you think. If your furnace isn’t heating up enough, it might be that it is simply not the right size for your home and an upgrade is in order.

Warm and Toasty?

Some furnaces will frequently switch on and off, which is a sign yet again of a dirty filter. However, it could also be a malfunctioning thermostat. If your blower seems to run nonstop, it’s likely the limit switch that’s to blame. Finally, a noisy furnace is a big sign that something’s amiss. Burner problems or mechanical issues are usually where an expert will begin looking for a solution.

As a homeowner, you can check the thermostat and swap out air filters, but leave the rest of the dirty work to the pros. Contact Roberts Mechanical today for all your furnace repair needs, and get them taken care of before the Utah winter arrives.