HVAC Criminal

Is Your HVAC a Smooth Criminal?

Your HVAC system might not be treating you right, and your home (or someone in it!) could be aiding and abetting it.

Most people don’t look closely at their heating and cooling bills, they simply cringe at the total during the toughest winter and summer months. However, most homes and HVAC systems could be doing a better job conserving energy and money.

Is your HVAC operating like a smooth criminal?

According to Energy Star, the average amount spent on energy per American household is $2,200 per year, with $1,100 of that earmarked for heating and cooling. Proper sealing and insulation saves you an average of $220 per year, a programmable thermostat (properly used) can save you about $180, and if you upgrade to Energy Star appliances, you save around $200 per year.

Safe and Sound

Windows are one of the biggest heating/cooling leaks in a home, especially if you have an old charmer with the original panes. Energy Star windows can save households between $154 and $528 per year. (For those who are unfamiliar with Energy Star, it’s not a company, it’s an unbiased, government rating system used to gauge energy efficiency in appliances, doors and windows).

With these kinds of figures, it’s clear that some Americans are getting robbed on a daily basis. Improperly installed HVAC equipment is the biggest waster of all, resulting in 30 percent less efficiency in a home. Poorly sealed ducts make for air losses of 20 percent, and improper refrigerant levels result in 20 percent less efficiency.

But if that’s all you’ve ever known in your home, why would you question it?

Take Back What’s Yours

Poor maintenance of appliances, doors and windows causes 15 percent lower efficiency on average, so it’s not all about the right products and installation. Your house needs some upkeep, and an annual professional inspection can reveal problem areas you might overlook.

In some cases, Energy Star reports that outdated and/or poorly maintained HVAC systems can double your energy costs!

You also double down when it comes to greenhouse emissions, so it’s time to stack the odds in your favor. The average American household produces twice as much greenhouse gas as a single car, and it’s largely because it’s not efficient.

Taking Charge

It’s simpler and more affordable to get back in control than you may think. Check and/or swap your air filters on a monthly basis (change them at least every three months), schedule pro maintenance once or twice per year, and replace your HVAC equipment every decade.

New technology is constantly making products better for you, the environment and your bank account. Get your maintenance scheduled now by calling Roberts Mechanical for a comprehensive HVAC checkup.