Boiler Settings

Ideal Boiler Settings

Finding the ideal boiler settings for your heating system can keep you comfortable without breaking the bank.

A lot of homeowners aren’t just worried about their electricity bills, but about their carbon footprints as well. Adjusting your thermostat settings is one of the best ways you can minimize bills and energy consumption.

In the summer, set your central air conditioner to 78 degrees when at home. If you’re out of the house, raise it to 85 degrees. According to Consumer Reports (2016), for the majority of people, 78 degrees is cool enough to keep from being uncomfortable. Experts say that for every degree below 78 in the summer, you’re raising your bill by 7 percent.

Boiler Settings and Winter Weather

According to, the ideal thermostat setting in the winter is 68 degrees in the daytime if you’re home. If you can, lower that by 7 to 10 degrees at least eight hours per day (i.e. when you’re at work). Doing this can lower your bill by up to 10% for the entire year.

Some families lower their boiler settings during the winter while they sleep, too. It’s more comfortable sleeping in a cooler climate, and it’s the perfect excuse to pull out those winter blankets.

However, a cooler sleeping temperature can make it uncomfortable in the morning. Nobody wants to slip out from under those toasty blankets into a freezing bathroom. The best solution is a programmable thermostat that starts heating up your home 30 minutes before your alarm goes off.

You won’t have to remember to manually change the temperature throughout the day, and you can program state-of-the-art thermostats for each day of the week.

Think about your daily schedule when programming your boiler settings. Do you like to “sleep cool” in the winter? What hours is the house empty? In other words, when can your boiler catch a break in the winter? Do you want your home particularly toasty in the first hour after waking up?

Get Good Advice

Keep the thermostat away from heating/cooling registers, set a hold button for vacations and keep energy saving a priority. If you need help or recommendations, talk to the pros.

Contact Roberts Mechanical today for help with boiler settings, and to get on the fast track to lowering your energy bills.