Indoor Air Quality

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Winter

Would you like to improve indoor air quality in your home?

As temperatures outside drop, you spend more and more time indoors with the windows shut. This might make you realize that you’re not breathing the best air. Maybe you’re coughing or sneezing a lot, and you know if you improve indoor air quality, it’s possible you would feel better.

We have a few tips to help!

Heating System Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Your heating system is what cycles and feeds air throughout your home, so it’s important for it to be clean. When was the last time you got your heating system a tuneup? Regular service is essential to keep your furnace operating smoothly for its expected lifespan. It’s also important for your indoor air quality.

The first step your furnace tech takes is to replace the filter. If it’s dirty and old, you’ll have more particles in the air. It’s simple math: clean filter equals clean air.

Duct Cleaning Can Help

You can also schedule duct cleaning. This is a good service to get if you haven’t been changing the furnace filter regularly. Get all the particles out of the system so they aren’t feeding through your vents all winter.

More Tips:

Besides caring for your heating system, you can take other steps to improve indoor air quality.

  • Buy an Air Filter

An air filter can help remove contaminants from the air that your furnace filter can’t. Set it up in the room of your choice, or buy a system that integrates with your HVAC and purifies the entire house.

  • Open the Windows on Warm Days

Whenever the temperature outside allows, air out your indoors by opening the windows for some fresh air and to let any pollutants in the air dissipate.

  • Use a Vacuum with a Filter

Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to reduce allergens and toxins.

  • Lower Humidity in the Home

A humid environment supports mold growth. You can reduce your home’s humidity by ensuring there are no water leaks, using a dehumidifier when necessary and making sure there is adequate ventilation for clothes dryers, hot showers and cooking.

Get Heating System Help

The team at Roberts Mechanical wants you to have a pollutant-free, breathable environment in your home, and we recognize our role in supporting this by keeping your heating system functioning efficiently through all seasons.

Improve indoor air quality — call us to schedule furnace maintenance today!