Heating and Cooling Resolutions

Heating and Cooling Resolutions

Heating and cooling can really do a number on your monthly bills, especially during the holidays when usage is already high because trees are lit and houses are ablaze with twinkling lights. However, January and New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner, and saving money on heating and cooling is easier than you think.

If your big resolution is to save more and spend less, it just might be the easiest resolution of all — and it’s certainly more enjoyable than tackling those 20 pounds you want to get rid of!

Saving on heating and cooling begins with making sure your HVAC system is well maintained. Routine inspections are critical, and little repairs and tweaks can dramatically lower your utility bill.

If you suspect your HVAC system is working too hard, call your utility provider and they can tell you what the average monthly costs are for a home and family your size. However, if your HVAC system is over 15 years old, repairs may not be the way to go — it might be time for a replacement (it depends on wear and tear and the quality of your system).

Resolve To …

Your HVAC system can save money and conserve energy, but you can help too. Start by making sure those holiday lights are turned off unless you’re home to enjoy them. Not only can they sap energy, they can also be a fire hazard. The more lights you string, the higher your bill will be, so consider a more modest display.

Those days off most people have between Christmas and New Year’s are perfect for taking down the tree and lights (unless you really will be enjoying them for an epic New Year’s bash).

It’s also not too late to add a smart home system to your holiday wish list. A smart home can learn your habits and knows when to start the heater. You’ll also get a full report on your energy usage, including when you crank up the heat to beyond toasty. Seeing the figures in black and white can inspire you to mend your ways for 2016.

The Thick of Winter

It might seem like we’ve been in the dead of winter for a while, but winter doesn’t even officially begin until Dec. 21. The coldest months are likely ahead of us, so January is the perfect time to make some key resolutions. Wear more sweaters and socks indoors, use your oven more often and vow to keep items away from vents and your furnace or boiler.

As for that cooling resolution, it’s not too soon to have your air conditioner inspected in case of an early spring thaw. Your entire HVAC system might be on call year-round. Make 2016 the year you lighten your carbon footprint and lower your bills with the help of the friendly team at Roberts Mechanical.