Caring for HVAC during the Holidays

Holiday Ready HVAC

You get your HVAC inspected every spring and autumn, ensuring your air conditioning is up to snuff for summers and your furnace or boiler is ready for winter action. However, it’s often between Thanksgiving and the New Year that your HVAC system goes into overdrive.

Think about it: You might have a bevy of houseguests, which automatically ups the dust and debris levels in your home, forcing your system to work harder. Bringing in a holiday tree stirs up sitting dust and introduces pine needles to vents. Is your home really holiday ready?

If you already had your maintenance check in the autumn, there’s probably no need to call in a professional just for the holidays. However, you may want to swap out your air filter more often (up to twice per month for very busy homes).

Your HVAC technician will happily show you how to change air filters and how to know when it’s time. You’ll also want to ensure no holiday decorations get too close to heating sources or cover vents.

A Cool Holiday

Worried about depending a little too heavily on your furnace or boiler this time of year? Don’t be. The more people you have in your home, the warmer it will naturally be. Spend the entire month showing off your holiday footie pajamas, ugly holiday sweaters and cable-knit classics indoors.

Get into the cookie baking spirit, mix up mulled wine and otherwise use your oven and stovetop for as many healthy treats as possible. You’ll keep your home warmer with the added bonus of home-cooked goodness.

If a new HVAC system or component is on your holiday wish list, now is the perfect time to start shopping. You can score some great deals on this year’s models (which are just as high quality and come with the same warranties as the newest models). The 2016 lineup might have a few new additions, but there’s a good chance what you need and want is available at a sale price.

Shopping for Your 2016 HVAC

One of the biggest mistakes builders and homeowners make is trying to save money with their HVAC system — in ways they shouldn’t! Getting the wrong size system will either waste energy (too big) or not be powerful enough to heat and cool your home (too small). You need it just right, and an HVAC technician can tell you the right size, or walk you through the process over the phone. Getting the right system truly is the gift that keeps on giving and benefits the whole family.

Enjoy your holiday home in comfort, warmth and joy by making your HVAC system a top priority. Nobody wants to huddle over a space heater while opening presents or try their hand at decorating reindeer cookies with frozen hands. Give Roberts Mechanical a call today for all your winter HVAC needs and consider us your own special helpers this time of year.