Add a Boiler to Your Wish List

After decades of furnaces being the most popular heating choice in America, boilers are making a comeback — big time.

Unlike a furnace, which blows/forces air into a room through a duct, a boiler heats water which radiates the heat via pipes. Both furnaces and boilers need electricity, so you want to get the most efficient product possible when building, remodeling or upgrading a home.

Overall, you’ll find a lot more high-efficiency furnaces than boilers. Boilers also generally cost more upfront. However, Americans today are realizing the many benefits of boilers, which were the norm several decades ago. And with more high-efficiency boilers coming on the market, it might be time for the furnace to take a back seat.

Benefits of Boilers

Radiant heat systems keep heat closer to the floor, and discourage it from escaping to the ceiling. Unlike forced air, radiant heat doesn’t blow dust and allergens around (plus, you won’t need to worry about keeping furniture or curtains clear of vents). In the long run, boilers offer a long-term return on investment versus the furnace’s instant upfront savings.

Boilers are also more environmentally friendly, creating less emissions. Choose a boiler, and you get energy that’s transferred more efficiently, which saves you money and energy, month after month.

Like any appliance with an Energy Star rating, you might also be able to get a tax credit when buying an energy-efficient boiler. Check with your CPA.

Boiling Over with Perks

You don’t need a chimney when you have a boiler, and any boiler-produced waste is disposed of via vents in your home or building. You can choose to locate these vents on the roof or side of the home.

Old-fashioned boilers had pilot lights that you’d need to re-light manually it if they went out. Such a maneuver has been fodder for plenty of horror films, but don’t fear! New, energy-efficient boilers use an electronic system that’s auto-regulated.

When new boilers aren’t being used, like in the summer months, the system turns off the ignition to save even more energy.

Today’s boilers feature the latest technology and are also smaller — many are mounted on walls. You’ll get to reclaim more basement or closet space.

Boiler sensor technology is impressive, and some boast 99 percent efficiency in third-party tests. Homeowners who plan to stay in their houses for an long time, struggle with home allergens or have simply fallen in love with radiant heat are clamoring for Santa to deliver a boiler this season. However, any time of year is a great time for this energy-efficient upgrade. Contact Roberts Mechanical for all your boiler and heating needs, from installation to maintenance.