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A/C Repair Is so Romantic

Let A/C repair, or installation of a new air conditioner, be your surprise gift to a loved one this Valentine’s Day. It may not be the most romantic gesture, but it’s surprisingly thoughtful, and will be wildly popular once things start to heat up.

Whether you’re expecting a steamy date night on the 14th or you simply remember how hot Utah got last summer, this heartfelt gift is a great way to show that special someone that you care.

HVAC systems, from heating to air conditioning, are often overlooked unless something goes dramatically wrong. However, these systems should be checked at least once per year, maintained and monitored by an A/C repair specialist to ensure they’re running safely and efficiently.

When is the last time your loved one turned on their air conditioner? Probably not since last summer or autumn, so you want to make sure it’s in prime shape.

A/C Repair: Common Problems

Maybe the air conditioner was working well last summer, or maybe you just thought it was — these units can deteriorate slowly. Common A/C repair problems include blowing cool but not cold air, leaks that may or may not be noticed, noisy units and units that don’t work at all.

“Cold” is relative, and your sweetie might have become used to air that isn’t as frigid as it should (or could) be.

Sometimes A/C repairs are simple, like making sure the cooling fans are running on the condenser or radiator. Bugs, dirt, leaves and other debris might get caught and cause a clog. The cabin air filter can also get clogged and lead to problems. Clutches need to engage on compressors, and the compressor needs to voltage for a unit to work well.

Any number of snags can lead to an A/C repair need, but you don’t want to find out on a scorching hot day that you need an expert.

Designing Your Gift

If you’re thinking about A/C repairs or a new A/C for a Valentine’s Day gift, you’ve probably already been hearing complaints about a faulty or broken system. Listening to your loved ones is the best way to show that you care. Fixing or upgrading their air conditioner shows that you want them to be comfortable, happy and safe. Plus, an efficient A/C saves money.

Not sure what type of A/C repair is needed or what kind of HVAC system they have? A reputable local A/C repair company will be able to work with any make, model and year. However, it’s best to let the recipient schedule the repair or A/C installation. Giving them a card that describes the gift, perhaps with a picture of an ice cube or someone “chilling out,” is a fun way to gift them the A/C repair without having to guess what best fits into their schedule.

Ready to give the gift of coolness? Call Roberts Mechanical for all your A/C repairs and installations.