5 Things You Didn’t Know About Boilers


Boilers, a popular heating source, aren’t nearly as abundant in homes as furnaces are. However, these underdogs have a strong following, and with good reason. Most homeowners don’t really understand the difference between boilers and furnaces until they’re building a home (or being duly vigilant when home buying). For average Americans who have rented all their lives, boilers and furnaces might seem like the same thing. They’re not, and boilers have some great upsides everyone should consider.

If you have the fortunate opportunity to choose between a boiler and furnace, boilers should win. Are they more expensive than furnaces? Yes — at first. But boilers can actually pay for themselves over the long haul, thanks to radiant heat and lower heating bills (For the uninitiated, radiant heat is heat that radiates usually from floors or walls to keep it closer to ground level, as opposed to the forced hot air that furnaces provide).

What do you need to know about boilers? Check out these gems for starters:

1. They’re quiet:

If you have a furnace, you can hear when it kicks on and when it’s forcing hot air into the home. That isn’t the case with boilers. They’re silently and constantly radiating heat. This is important for light sleepers, families with infants or anyone who gets annoyed with the constant noise of running machinery.

2. Zero fuel needs:

Unlike furnaces, boilers don’t burn fuel. Obviously this also makes them a much greener option, and (compared to furnaces) you’re more likely to score a tax advantage when buying and installing a boiler. Plus, who doesn’t want a lighter carbon footprint?

3. Easy to install:

HVAC techs know that boilers are a breeze to put in, compared to furnaces, and you may score a deal on installation costs. (You should never try to install a boiler or furnace yourself, however.) As an added bonus, boilers are usually much smaller than furnaces, making them easy to move.

4. Freeze-proof:

If you live in a region that gets particularly chilly, you may have experienced “furnace freeze” before and know it’s an uncomfortable nightmare. You’ll never have to worry about that with a boiler, which is virtually freeze-proof. It’s just another reason boilers are beloved in places like Alaska, where radiant heat is a lifesaver and you can’t risk a frozen heating source.

5. What allergens?

With a furnace’s forced heat, you’re blowing potential allergens around the home constantly. Heating vents and air filters might get dirty or clogged, exacerbating the problem. You’ll never have to worry about that with a boiler.

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