5 Signs You Need Boiler Service

5 Signs You Need Boiler Service

You need boiler service when your heat isn’t working, but your boiler might be showing signs it needs repair long before that happens. For homeowners, the key is to spot the signs so you can schedule boiler service before your heater breaks down.

Below are the top five indications it’s time to call Roberts Mechanical for boiler service.

1. The Boiler Keeps Turning Off

Has your boiler been switching on when needed, but then immediately turning off? When your boiler won’t stay on, the problem could be one of several causes, from low water pressure to damaged valves. It’s best to find the source of the issue immediately.

2. Water Is Leaking Out

Water leaking from any major home system, including the boiler, is a serious issue. Whether it’s a tiny drip or a big leak, water means an internal failure. Our team can take the system apart and identify which component needs repair or replacement.

3. You Hear Strange Noises

As boilers age, it’s not uncommon to hear noises, but if the sounds get louder all of a sudden, there could be a problem. A hissing could mean the system is overheating. A loud clanging could indicate a buildup of scaling inside the tank.

Weird sounds don’t always mean repairs are needed, but they indicate it’s time for routine maintenance and a general checkup.

4. You Wait Too Long for Hot Water

When it takes what seems like forever for the water to turn hot, don’t hesitate — give us a call. This could be a sign that a boiler is aging or it could mean there is a problem with the internal heating elements. Either way, it takes a professional to diagnose the issue.

5. You Smell Something Unusual

Any time you smell strange odors near your boiler, it’s time for maintenance. A fuel leak could lead to carbon monoxide released in your home. This could be lethal, so it’s vital to get a professional to look at the system right away.

Life Expectancy

Boilers typically last about 15 years, but if you don’t get regular maintenance and service, yours could break down a lot faster.

Is it time for repair or replacement? We can help make this determination and find the most cost-effective solution.

Whenever there is a boiler problem that needs attention, trust Roberts Mechanical for first-class boiler service and repair. We work to extend the life of your home systems and ensure they’re operating at maximum efficiency. Call today to schedule your service appointment.