5 Questions for Air Conditioning Repair Technicians

Air Conditioning Repair

Not all air conditioning repair technicians come with the same experience, knowledge and certification. Different states set different certification, licensing and educational requirements, so be sure to know what’s necessary in your state. One of the most common licenses is an HVAC license — which is a must in every state. HVAC training programs and schools are located around the country, including many in Utah, where technicians learn and hone their skills. Training is also available in the military.

After formal training, an apprenticeship is required. This can last up to five years, and it is during this time technicians marry what they learned in the program to practical skills. During an apprenticeship, technicians work in the field under the guidance of full-fledged techs while still attending classroom training. Finally, there’s the HVAC licensing test, which covers all aspects of training, including electrical codes. HVAC technicians may pursue a license in small appliances, high-pressure or low-pressure refrigerants.

It’s up to the homeowner to ask the right questions and secure the best HVAC technician for the job. Here are questions you should ask every potential new technician before trusting them with your A/C:

1. Can I have a copy of your license(s)?

It’s not enough to just ask about their education. Get copies of all licenses for your records. Should something go awry, you may need proof that they were formally trained.

2. How much is this going to cost?

There should be no financial surprises. Get a bid in writing, and never agree to pay more than what’s in the contract. Sometimes unexpected issues pop up once a technician gets inside the system, but additional costs should come with a new bid or addendum to the existing one.

3. Have you worked with this model before?

Especially in today’s era in which HVAC systems are going high-tech and eco-friendly, it’s likely the technician hasn’t worked explicitly with your A/C model before. This might be a “good-to-know” question, or you may want to seek out a tech with more experience.

4. How long will this take?

You need to know, especially if summer is in full swing. It’s the busy season for HVAC technicians, and they’re likely backed up. You deserve an air conditioning repair tech who has the time and availability to dedicate to your project so that you can get back to enjoying a comfortable home.

5. Should I repair or replace it?

An honest air conditioning repair technician will advise you to do what’s in your best interest based on cost, budget, functionality and the life left in your current system. It’s not always necessarily better to repair or replace — it’s a case-by-case basis.

Keeping your cool means asking the right questions. Give Roberts Mechanical a call today for your free consultation from Utah’s leading A/C repair experts.