Air Conditioning Maintenance

The appliance and systems in your home are well-tuned machines—or at least they should be. Just like your body is a complex machine, your air conditioner needs a little tune-up now and then to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape. Don’t wait until the dead heat of an Orem, Utah summer to get your A/C maintained. If Murphy’s Law kicks in, you’ll find yourself stuck with a cranky or dead cooling system on the first hot day of the year with nary a sprinkler or Popsicle in sight.

Home AC TuneupAt Roberts Mechanical of Orem, we’re masters of air conditioning installation and repair, but where we really shine is air conditioning maintenance. After all, fixing a problem before it gets out of control is always preferable. It saves you time, trouble, money and ensures that you’re not stuck with a non-working air conditioner during a heat wave. Yes, at Roberts Mechanical we’ll provide urgent services when necessary, but wouldn’t you rather beat those problems to the punch?

Air conditioning maintenance is a must and something that needs to be scheduled annually, just like your own physical.

How Orem Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps 

HVAC MaintenanceOne of the most obvious perks of having regular air conditioner maintenance is the potential for spotting red flags right away. A quality technician from Roberts Mechanical only suggests recommendations when they’re in your best interest and will explain any issues in laymen’s terms. We don’t expect everyone to be as passionate about air conditioners as we are, and we’re happy to provide education so you can take more ownership over your cooling needs. However, there’s a sweeter incentive for you to schedule those annual inspections.

Just because an A/C is technically “working” doesn’t mean it’s working at its best. If a system has a glitch that you don’t notice or is really struggling to keep up with your Arctic temperature demands, you might be wasting energy—and money. This can happen over a long period, and you may not notice those energy bills creeping up. Routine maintenance helps keep energy bills in check and improves the longevity of your A/C system.

Orem Spring Cooling

The best time to schedule maintenance is in the early spring, well before those hot Utah summers kick in. However, the savviest of Orem and Utah County homeowners schedule maintenance twice a year—furnace in the autumn and A/C in the spring. A lot can happen in a year. If your A/C has a pinhole leak, that’s usually not a biggie, but it is if you let it leak unnoticed for 12 months.

Let Roberts Mechanical keep your A/C in check so you can kick back and enjoy cool, cost-effective living.