Air Conditioning Installation

You’re giving in ― you just can’t live without air conditioning in your home any longer. Maybe you never had AC before, or maybe your old unit has quit and you need a replacement so you can survive the summer.

Air Conditioning Installation Near Orem Utah

Not only will you instantly feel more comfortable with working air conditioning during the long summer days, you’ll add value to your home in case you ever want to sell.

Air conditioning installation is a wise investment, whether it’s a replacement unit, a new addition to your current residence or for a new build. Next, make an even smarter decision and trust Roberts Mechanical to handle the project details from start to finish.

Air Conditioning Installation: What Steps Are Involved?


First, our team estimates the size system your building needs. We assess the ductwork, sealing and resealing as needed to ensure no loss of energy occurs due to improper airflow.

We recommend only first-rate brands, and we consult with our clients through every step of the installation process. By the time your unit is up and running, you know your refrigerant levels are on target and your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

Air Conditioning: Consider Ongoing Maintenance Needs

All new and aging air conditioning units need care at least once per year. A tuneup ensures it is kept in proper working order for the long term.

Depend on Roberts Mechanical for your initial installation project, as well as a scheduled maintenance plan. Don’t rush around trying to find another service company ― let us take care of the maintenance details that come after installation as well.

Trust Roberts Mechanical, a Team That Cares

Whether the project involves air conditioning installation for the first, second or subsequent time for your home, you’ll soon find out that quality of the service has the most long-lasting effect on the overall efficiency of your unit.

In fact, Energy Star estimates that improper air conditioning installation can reduce a unit’s energy efficiency by up to 30 percent. That’s not the result you’re looking for ― not after you’ve invested your hard-earned money in new air conditioning for your home.

Avoid this potential issue by forming a relationship with Roberts Mechanical. Since we’ve been in business for almost three decades in the Orem, Utah area, we have hundreds of local, satisfied customers to prove that our work is superior. We believe our clients deserve the best, and that’s what we deliver.