Programmable Thermostat

5 Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat 

Looking into buying a programmable thermostat? You’re making a smart decision! Roberts Mechanical can help you install and program your device to get the most out of it. Below, we list some the advantages of installing a programmable thermostat.

1. You’re Informed on Your Energy Use

The first step to reducing energy costs is knowing what they are and where they’re coming from. If you can track your energy use, that’s the first step toward reducing your costs. Many programmable thermostats are connected to larger smart-home systems that allow you to do just that, and the thermostat responds accordingly based on energy-saving initiatives.

2. It’s a Money-Saver

The top benefit for the savings-conscious homeowner? A programmable thermostat helps you save — a lot. According to, you can save up to 10 percent on heating and cooling costs per year when you lower your temperature seven to 10 degrees for eight hours every 24-hour period. With a programmable thermostat, this is easy to do, which means you pay less money to your utility company!

3. You Get Consistency

How many times a day do you walk over to the thermostat to make an adjustment because you just don’t feel like you get a consistent cool or a steady warmth? With programmable features, it’s easy to do this on your smartphone and you can make sure the temperature stays consistent, just how you’d like it, depending on the time of day.

4. There’s Less Wear and Tear on Home Systems

Simply put, keeping a consistent temperature with less fluctuation throughout a 24-hour span will mean less wear and tear on your HVAC system. This is good news for your investment — your system will last longer and will potentially need fewer repairs.

5. Adjust Based on the Season

With a high-tech device, you can take advantage of the natural resources available in each season. You’re not just reducing energy costs, you’re recouping them! If one room gets a lot of sunshine in the winter, let the natural warmth heat the room. On the other hand, if one room is always dark and cool in summer, don’t set the A/C low for this room and save on cooling costs.

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